Thu 24 at 8.10pm & Fri 25 at 8pm | Vimeo


Created & performed by John Scott

Towers is the first full length solo theatre work written and performed by John Scott.


It is a piece that uses multiple characters, images and text to examine social injustice. We are taken from key moments and issues of the past to those very same issues, repeating themselves in the present during a global pandemic.

Disaster capitalism, governmental corruption and cronyism, the hollow platitudes of the populist politician, 40 years of lining their pockets to the great cost of the many. The order of the day appears to be wilful, weaponised ignorance.

How bad do things have to get?

Towers uses straight drama, stand-up comedy and biography to highlight and hold modern day evils to account.

Towers was intended to be a full-length live performance. Due to the current circumstances John has arranged a collage of elements that would have featured in that show. This is not the finished show and should be seen as a scratch performance. Some material is read, other performed and he has used some older clips of his stand-up to try and generate a semblance of what the show may have been like had it been performed as intended.

Timing and Ticket information

Thu 24 Sep
Premiere at 8.10pm 
Post show discussion at 9.10pm 

Fri 25 Sep
Performance at 8pm 

Age suitability: 16+

Duration: 1 hour


How to watch: 

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