Available from Thu 24 Sep at 7pm | Vimeo

The Butler's Perspective

Created & performed by David Connelly

While all the staff have left or quit by now, Bullock must serve his Master and family as normal.


This one man show explores this chaotic and yet relatable farcical turn of events from the perspective of the butler.

Sit back, relax and press play when you're ready. Make sure you've turned your volume up, using the volume bar icon in the right hand side of the video player next to the 'CC' captioning icon. 

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Message from the On The Line festival team

We have a recommended age guidance of 16+ on this event, and by booking a ticket, we trust that you are respecting this guidance. The artist and festival deem that this work is not suitable for anyone under this age threshold.   

On The Line is a brand new festival, and by working online, some things are beyond our control. While we are doing all that we can to ensure all events run smoothly and safely online, we recognise that there is the possibility of technical glitches. 


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As a result of Covid-19, Northumbria University's Theatre and Performance MA final performances were reimagined online. In order to learn more about your experience of this year's festival, we’re gathering information and feedback from our audiences. Every response you can give us is hugely helpful and will help inform the future development of the work presented. 

Timing and Ticket information

Thu 24 Sep

Part 1 available from 7pm
Part 2 available from 7.05pm 

Part 3 available from 7.10pm 

Free event. No booking required. 


Age suitability: 16+ 

Duration: 15 minutes (5 minute films in three parts)


How to watch: 

The Butler's Perspective is a free theatre performance broadcast via online platform Vimeo, and can be accessed on this page from Thu 24 Sep at 7pm and is free to access until Sun 27 Sep at 10pm

Audience members will not be seen. 


If you have difficulty accessing the video stream, please try refreshing this page and deleting your browser cookies. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch by emailing the On The Line festival team on mafestival2020@gmail.com.